Name:             Ekaterina Krupenina

Nationality:      Russian

Height:            5’ 5”/165cm

Weight:           110lbs/50kg

Eyes:              Brown

Hair:               Brown/long  

Languages:    Russian (native), English                                




Home sweet home (2013)               Supporting Ch. (muse)            dir. A.Basov 

Goldfish in N          (2011)                Lead Character (Vera)            dir. S.Puchinyan

Moscow,i love you! (2010)               Lead Character  (Tosya)         dir. I.Kvirikadze

Presumed consent (2011)               Supporting Ch. (wife)               dir. F.Abdullaev                 

The Sovereign's Servant (2007)      Supporting Ch. (Louis XIV Favorite) dir. O.Ryaskov 

The Stroll (2003)                              Supporting Ch. (DJ)                dir. A. Uchitel



Temporary worker (2014)             Supporting Ch. (Verka-Artistka)  dir. Y.Muzica

Quiet hunting (2013)                     Supporting Ch. (Larisa)               dir.S.Artimovich

Yasmin (2013)                              Laed Character (Lena)                dir. K.Zaruckaya

Sherlok Kholms (2013)                 Supporting Ch.  (Lusia)               dir. A.Kavun

Mom detective (2013)                   Supporting Ch. (Luba)                 dir. M.Vaynberg

Freud’s method (2012)                 Supporting Ch.  (Marina)             dir. M.Vaynberg

Penelopa (2013)                           Supporting Ch. (Marina)              dir. O.Perunovskya

No women’s game (2012)             Supporting Ch. (Margo)              dir. V.Donskov 

Brief rate of happy life (2012)       Supporting Ch.(Marina)               dir.V.G.Germanika 

Unreal history (2011)                    Supporting Ch.(primitive bride)    dir. K.Papakul 

Once in the police (2010)             Lead Character(major Kondratieva) dir. K.Papakul 

Voice’s  (2010)                             Supporting Ch.(Irina)                    dir.N.Djordjadze

My husband is a genius (2008)    Supporting Ch.(Irina)                    dir.T.Arhipcova

From flame and light (2008)         Lead Character (Emilya)              dir.N.Djordjadze

Ticket to the garem (2006)           Supporting Ch.(Elena)                  dir.V.Sokolovsky

Ivan Podushkin  (2007)                Supporting Ch.( Anna)                  dir. A.Marmontov

Adventuress (2005)                      Supporting Ch.(Irina)                    dir.D.Daychenko

Strom the gates (2006)                Supporting Ch.(Aminat)                 dir. A.Malyukov

Only you    (2004)                        Supporting Ch.(Sonia)                   dir.N.Djordjadze

Bitches or the strangenes

 of love (2004)                               Lead Character (Yana)                 dir.V.Fatiynov

People and shadows (2001)         Supporting Ch.( Vika)                   dir. V.Shilovskiy

My border (2002)                          Lead Character (Natasha)            dir. A.Rostockiy

Line of defense (2001)                  Lead Character (Zoya)                 dir. D.Fiks

Man’s work (2001)                        Lead Character (Aminat)              dir. T.Keosayan



Personal training:


The Russian University of Theatre Arts (GITIS/RATI)    

named after P.Fomenko

Acting Technique (Theatre/Film)



Special skills:

Dance, vokal- mezzo soprano, basic swordplay, horse riding, swimming, driving